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About us

about us


YOUR CONTAINER SERVICES was established in 2019, which is a privately owned & an independent management Logistics Company based in India. For more than 2 years we have been delivering a world-class performance to our customers. We are currently assessing several potential new ventures in line with the company's commercial strategy and growth, driving its vision of becoming one of the world's top six container repairing operators within the next 10 years. To consistently achieve best-in-class performance in all our port operations and third-party logistic activities worldwide to continue to enhance our reputation and performance as the most productive port operator and third-party logistics provider, by ensuring that our customer service outperforms our competitors in the markets in which we operates.

• Our Company Profile

YOUR CONTAINER SERVICES is a Limited Liability Partnership Firm incorporated on 02 April 2019. It is registered at Registrar of Companies, Kolkata. Designated Partners of YOUR CONTAINER SERVICES are Arun Kumar Tiwari and Shekhar Lohia.

We are a registered company under the Companies Act as LLP. Our concern named is YOUR CONTAINER SERVICES , the name of the company itself specifies that we serve the Shipping Industries. YOUR CONTAINER SERVICES is the company which is operated in the field of shipping container industries being one of the most integrated part of entire Shipping chain in the entire activities of shipping container in the field of Port related activities for the function of proper import & export of material.

We are the company who is entirely responsible for the logistics of container, handling & storing of shipping container while the activities of import & export happens. When an importer imports the material by using the container & after discharging the cargo at their industries, factory, workplace, warehouse or shops etc. The empty shipping containers where returned to their respective shipping lines, where our role starts, as the container arrives at our depot we off load the containers at our designated depots by proper handling & staging the same in the designated Stags.

On arriving of container at our yard we have to make proper inspection by IICL qualified inspector & repairer of the IICL standards whereby we have to make an extensive report for each & every shipping container. A survey report, the inspection is carried on together the report where the containers has been miss handled or not by the importers during the discharge of cargo or during transportation of the same, proper finding where done, considering every minute details of every parts & portion of the shipping container, entire body surface has been inspected, the wooden floor is taken care by special team as the inside surface get damage by miss handling of cargo, thereby our inspectors have to take care of the extensive inspection of each and every spare of the shipping container.

If the containers are in sound condition according to the parameter of the shipping line then the respective containers were taken to the washing area, proper washing of container is done according to the reports generated by the inspector, whether it should be considered steam wash, chemical washing, detergent washing and normal washing.

Then the containers are placed in a proper stage to be exported for according to needs & grade required. While exports require the container, their respective exports visit our depot, with their requirements according to the required grade of the same. Our depot Inspector according to the need of required grade allot the container to the respective exporters to make them safe exports of theirs goods.

We are taking care of the container which the exporter require according to their need for export of material in various sector as food grade, tea, steel, rubber, minerals, garments & various other products. According to the export items we make the shipping container fit for the goods which is going to be exported with the container.

We serve the shipping industries with "24 HOURS * 7 Days in a week "in all 365 Days. We provide our services and never stop our function.
We are the only Company who provide the services of dry shipping container as well as reefer container under one roof.

Our Mission & VISION

'YOUR CONTAINER SERVICES ". is just more than a provider of quality Yard services. We would like to be your business partner, working with you to provide the most effective services for your business needs. We would help you to turn challenges into competitive advantages. With this mission in mind, we look forward for your valued participation in this Endeavour.

Our Values

Throughout YOUR CONTAINER SERVICES history, we have continued to improve and develop our services to serve with our efficiency and productivity. This will be the way we continue our journey in the future, by continuing to invest in and developing our services with the same values we have been able to create here, to new markets globally. We are defined by our characteristics

Our Courage

As a team we are resolute and intrepid, approaching every task large or small with the same determination and spirit. YOUR CONTAINER SERVICES takes on every challenge using its years of experience nurtured within the encouraging environment.

Our Commitment

SRISTAR has always Consider the Long Tearm view with any Project. We never walk away from a Challenge or Commitment & are Committed to all our Partnerships. In this way we continue to Grow our own Business & add Value to Every Project we undertake.

Our Voice

In all the elements we use to communicate with our partners, whether through our website, our brochures or even face to face, we always ensure we keep things real. We're straight talkers and pride ourselves on being reliable and trusted by our partners. We never assume anything, approaching every project uniquely and positively using the experience and commitment of every one of our partners.


International shipping and logistics is a heavy industry - literally carrying the load of world trade and expanding at mass to be able to do so. The future spells more challenging frontiers and newer economies. Nimble and positive partnership is essential to unlock growth. We never walk away from a challenge or a commitment. We listen to the needs and ambitions of those we work with and work for. We know the landscape and are part of the chain of events, maximising value at every point. Already proud operators of the world's fastest terminal, we are in pole position to innovate at speed and on behalf of our partners to achieve success.